Academic Component: The Indonesian Flagship Language Initiative academic program in Malang will combine intensive small-group language instruction and content courses. The program is classroom intensive, with 20 academic hours per week of classroom language instruction. In addition, students will devote three to four hours weekly to conversation sessions with a language tutor. Language classes will meet five days a week.

Content classes taught in the target language will address topics such as host county politics, economics, literature, culture, history, and/or sociology. The language and content courses are designed to complement each other in developing overall proficiency in Indonesian.

The conversation sessions with language partners will be scheduled twice a week with 1.5-2 hours of sessions each, and will help students address personal needs as a learner of Indonesian language.

Cultural programming: All IFLI students will have numerous American Councils-sponsored activities to attend, such as local film fests, holidays, and office celebrations. These activities will be announced as plans solidify throughout the year. The cultural and extracurricular program will focus on familiarizing and immersing students in a wide range of aspects of local life and culture, including theater, the arts, history, social institutions, urban and rural life, and traditions. American Councils staff will work closely with overseas staff to plan and budget for the out-of-classroom activities.

Below is the number of hours per week that will be devoted to the different program components: 

Small-group language instruction, content courses:20 hrs/week

 Sessions with language partners: 3-4 hrs/week

 Cultural activities and excursions:bi-weekly    



Students receive academic credit from the University of Wisconsin- Madison for their participation in the language courses administered by American Councils upon completion of the fall program.